Charity supporting terminally ill grants wish of man in 70s to wed girlfriend of 40 years, holds ceremony at lift lobby

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The intimate but precious moment was made possible by charitable organisation Ambulance Wish Singapore, which puts together positive end-of-life experiences for terminally ill people. 

Aman in his seventies known only as Mr Goh got his wish to wed his longtime partner of 40 years in a small solemnisation ceremony held at the lift lobby outside his flat.

The intimate but precious moment was made possible by Ambulance Wish Singapore, a charitable organisation whose mission it is to create positive end-of-life experiences for terminally ill people, and who shared it on their Facebook page earlier this month.

The lift lobby was cheerfully decked out for the special event with a red table spread, auspicious decorations and a pink floral arrangement, a favourite of the bride’s.

The ceremony was held at the lift landing. (Photo: Facebook/Ambulance Wish Singapore)

The ceremony was attended by Mr Goh’s children, daughters-in-law and grandchildren. Also present for the happy occasion were Mr Goh’s neighbours, nurses, medical social worker from Methodist Welfare Services and his social worker, Philip, who made the event possible by sharing Mr Goh’s wishes to Ambulance Wish Singapore.

The happy newlyweds and their guests enjoyed red date longan tea and tangyuan, which symbolises family togetherness, during the ceremony. For his special day, Mr Goh also got to enjoy some of his favourite dishes, like Hokkien mee. And to top it all off, there was ice cream cake.

The couple were also happy to receive engraved wedding bands for the occasion. 

In their post, Ambulance Wish Singapore thanked several individuals and organisations who helped put the ceremony together, including volunteers and sponsors, as well as the Registry of Marriages for “expediting the application”.