AWF Virtual Networking Forum 2023

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We couldn’t ask for a more meaningful way to observe World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2023, a day which highlights the compassion and care provided by hospices, palliative care providers and advocates for access to palliative services worldwide.

Today, for the first time ever, we held our inaugural AWF Virtual Networking Forum, bringing the collective voices of AWF affiliates across the globe together to increase dialogue on elevating patient experience through wish granting. Big thanks to Stichting Ambulance Wens Nederland for co-organising the forum and all AWF affiliates for the active participation!

We had such fun getting to know our fellow counterparts and learning how each organisation carries out their wish granting programmes. It was so inspiring to hear the stories and experiences. Truly, love and compassion knows no boundaries. And the power of compassionate love lies within each and every one of us.

We are so grateful for everyone who has become part of our wish granting community, who empower patients to live their remaining days with dignity, who bring love, hope and comfort to the terminally ill through the simple but deeply meaningful act of wish granting.Spreading love one wish at a time.