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World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

Facebook Link: Today is World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. We would like to pay tribute to the incredible work of all healthcare professionals involved in palliative care. Thank you for the amazing meaningful work that you do, caring for the terminally ill. At Ambulance Wish Singapore, it is

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Channel 8’s HeartWarmers

Facebook Link: As April winds to an end, we would like to reflect on the blessings the month has brought forth. Three weeks ago, Ambulance Wish Singapore was featured on Channel 8’s HeartWarmers. Since then, we have been surprised and humbled by the generous outpouring of support from the

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晨光|心鲜人: 新加坡救护车圆梦队 助临终病人完成心愿

参加孩子的结婚典礼,和家人去酒店宅度假,或者全家一起拍张全家福;这些对我们任何人来说感觉不是太难的事,对一些患了重病在生死线挣扎的病人来说,却是遥不可及的愿望。 本地有一群义工就创立了慈善组织专门帮助这些临终病人圆梦。这集《心鲜人》带你去认识这群有心人。

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