Channel 8’s HeartWarmers

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As April winds to an end, we would like to reflect on the blessings the month has brought forth. Three weeks ago, Ambulance Wish Singapore was featured on Channel 8’s HeartWarmers. Since then, we have been surprised and humbled by the generous outpouring of support from the community. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. It is you who allow us to turn the wishes of our beneficiaries into realities

Many of you were touched by the episode itself – To this we thank Threesixzero Productions and Ken for the opportunity to be featured. Of course, the showstoppers were Mdm Chin and the late Mdm Serene themselves. After a lifetime of inspiring their families and friends, this programme allowed for all their light and love to reach the larger community from up on the big screen.

It takes a village to grant a wish. Beyond the television screen, we have the following individuals and organisations to thank again for creating beautiful memories for Mdm Chin and Mdm Serene – For Mdm Chin’s wish we extend our gratitude to: Volunteers Patricia, Robin, Alan and Florinne; Singapore Cancer Society, Rotary Club of Marina City, Singapore, Give Fun, Hibiscus Flowers, The Cake Dresser, LAVISH Dine Catering, Gardens by the Bay. For Mdm Serene’s we thank: Volunteers Catherine, I-Lin and Yoke Ling; Wildlife Reserves Singapore; One Faber Group. Everyday at AWS, we are deeply grateful for this wonderfully support village that has sprung up around us. While the heyday of living in tight knit villages might be in Singapore’s past, this community is living proof that the kampong spirit continues to blaze brightly. While April 2021 might be remembered by most of us as a month of summer rain, it has been showers of blessings for us at AWS. As our village grows by the day, we are excited for what the road ahead has in store and welcome all our new companions walking this journey with us. Here’s to the future of our village – Let these April showers bring May flowers!