A Father’s Love

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by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In-spite of battling with gastric cancer and bed-ridden, Mr. Abdul Rahman knows deep in his heart that the best gift for his beloved daughter is to be able to give his blessings to her on her wedding day. Our volunteers, Farhanah, Yves, Sanjay, Shankar from HPE and Kong Hoe quickly set the ball in motion to map out the logistics to fulfil his wish. On the day of the solemnization, we visited Mr. Rahman at his place of residence, bearing gifts of his favourite snacks and an AWS bear. This initial gesture set the tone for a day filled with love and memorable moments.

As the transportation for Mr. Rahman arrived, care was taken to ensure that he was safely transferred from his bed to a wheelchair and then into the waiting van. Each step was taken with precision, the devotion to his well-being unwavering.The wedding venue was the prestigious PARKROYAL Collection Marina Bay Hotel, an elegant backdrop befitting the occasion. Mr. Rahman was warmly greeted by family members and friends.

The atmosphere was charged with emotion, as love and support enveloped the room. The solemnization ceremony proceeded smoothly, with family members capturing precious group photos to preserve the memories.After the heart-warming ceremony, Mr. Rahman was wheeled to the restaurant Peppermint. Mr. Rahman and his fellow guests indulged in not just delectable cuisine but also in the feast of the heart.

Mr. Rahman, surrounded by loved ones and new friends, shared stories and laughter, his heart filled to the brim.As the day concluded, Mr. Rahman was brought safely back to his residence. His gratitude overflowed as he expressed his deepest appreciation to the volunteers who had made his wish a reality.

He shared that he was happy beyond words to have witnessed his daughter’s wedding, a moment that would forever be etched in his heart. Joshua, our volunteer professional photographer from The Beautiful Moment Photography captured the precious moments of the day, and we subsequently stitched the prints into a video montage for the family.It was a true privilege to be part of the team to help leave a cherished memory for Mr. Rahman and his family.