A Mother’s Love

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A mother’s love is everlasting and unconditional, as we have witnessed in Mdm K’s wish. When we first spoke with Mdm K, we learned more about Mdm K’s daily life, from her love of eating savoury soya bean Tau Huey at Boon Lay Food Center to her favourite TV show.

Mdm K’s wish was to spend her birthday with her husband, children, and grandchildren at home. We discussed with her about what we could do or eat for that day, but what touched us the most was the simplicity of her request. She wanted nothing fancy, only simple food and the presence of her family members. Her granddaughter, R is a newborn, and Mdm K would like to present her with a gift too.

Come Wish Day today, Mdm K’s family and AWS volunteers gathered at her home. While we were setting up, Mdm K came out from her room in a wheelchair. She was visibly frail, but when she saw the birthday balloons and everyone in the living room, she smiled and her eyes lit up. I will never forget that happy expression on her face.

Loo, our photographer, got everyone ready for a formal family portrait and some fun shots with party props. Everyone looked their best in the photos. While I was standing there with my fellow volunteers, I felt honoured and happy to have organised this for them. It made me think of when was the last time I took a photo with my family too.

It warmed our hearts as we watched Mdm K eat her favourite chocolate cake. Chee Lin, my co volunteer, had prepared mee sua for Mdm K, which is a Fujian tradition to eat during birthdays. Knowing Mdm K’s condition, Chee Lin cooked it to be thin and soft so that Mdm K could easily eat it. Mdm K’s husband fed her, and it was such a heartfelt moment.

Next, Mdm K presented gifts to all three grandchildren, bunny plushies that were specially picked for each granddaughter.

And the finale, Mdm K’s family read out messages from the birthday card handmade by the children. Message after message, it was truly a heartwarming moment.

We left with our hearts full, knowing Mdm K had her wish fulfilled and the gathering today was a much cherished time together for Mdm K and her family ❤️



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